2015-16 season,Maillot NBA FR,is becoming LeBron James career watershed.

Data, so far, James averaged 24.9 points per game, career is only higher than the rookie season; effective hit rate of 53.2%, since the 2009-10 season since the lowest. Moreover, David Blatter get out of class, but also James in 13 seasons, the second encounter midway coaching change.

Not only the data changes, the attitude of the outside world to become more harsh, the emergence of many negative comments, that is, a lot of fans in the meaning of the "black", so that the two championship, and returned to his hometown super Star, with some high taste of the cold. maillots basket nba,If the outside world to his question as a black, James criticized the person is "sunspot", then, why now more and more James sunspots?

Early people on the question of James, more like their own to establish a perfect benchmark, then take James to compare. Make an inappropriate metaphor, some fans of James's attitude, as if looking at the incumbent to the former, but forget the predecessor of his (her) fantasy out of the perfect image. maglia basker james,At that time the question, more is exaggerated to criticize James "six-step layup", or play rough and beautiful.

In other words, he and our traditional sense of the star is not the same.

2010, James decided to go to the Heat composed of the Big Three, people questioned his peak.

This is a collision between tradition and modernity. Most people criticize James, just because they are not accustomed to his practice, for decades, the players at the peak of the championship for the championship behavior is endless - people do not oppose a superstar to the big city, because it has become commonplace Become normal, but they are superstar to the championship to a small market team is full of malicious.

At that time James, facing the question given his attitude, for the Nike shot of the ad, he will be the famous American poet Ma Ya Angelo's "Still I Rise (still up)" poetry into lines, Giving an indomitable attitude.

You may shoot me with your words,

You may cut me with your eyes,

You may kill me with your hatefulness,

But still, like air, I'll rise

You can attack me with words,

You can stare at me with eyes,

You can kill me with hate

I'm sorry, I'll be like air.

In 2014, James returned to the Cavaliers, in the past a season, he was questioned more realistic directly, especially after Blatter get out of class, he was outside the title as "coach killer" title. And, his refutation is pale and weak, can only say "they nonsense", "I have never done," such remarks to defend.

From this moment, James face the challenger, is no longer James and they imagine the perfect player PK, but to attack James to establish their own image, more humble and let James difficult to respond.

The past 13 seasons, James's image is like this - the pitch on the full Zhan, as long as the force will be able to win, like an unstoppable tank; the perfect under the stadium, loving and on behalf of the black interests, More importantly, regardless of the field off the court, he is a flawless teamist. "Brother basketball", "team atmosphere", which is his main card.

Blatter's get out of class, so that his perfectionism has a little flaw.

Including Yahoo's Vonavlovsky, including many questioners, began to attack Manchester, his career only once encountered a coach half-way James, actually became a "coach killer."

Do you really think that they criticized James, just because of Blatter's get out of class?

The same, the traditional power counterattack. Yahoo several times attacked James's article, there have been Klutch Sports Group, which is James brokers and Margaret Ricky Paul's brokerage company, that is, or the player's James, through the "white gloves" will own The sphere of influence widened and violated the interests of other brokers. The battle between James and the boss, because he has the ability to make the cake bigger, maglia nba discount,can avoid the contradiction, but his conflict with other brokers can not be avoided.

From Bledso to Tristan Thompson, Ricky Paul has become a broker in the eyes of the nail, at the same time, James has also become a thousand fingers. Do you really think that Wo God suddenly want to black James? No, he is with the traditional power behind him, and James is both sides of the natural.

Why questioned James more and more people?

The more traditions he destroys, the more people who question him, that's it.